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In the world of brands, strategy serves as a compass to navigate uncharted territory. Beyond creating a plan, strategy is the organization of resources to unlock a brand’s potential, and behind every successful venture is a strategy that balances innovation and tradition, adapts to the market and ensures the brand’s success is sustainable.

These strategies are a structure that creates new opportunities for the brand, helping to chart the right path and help it grow.

In this direction, as 79 Ratio Agency, we help you find the tone of your brand and achieve your brand image with our work such as the creation of personas, market analysis, competitive analysis. Accordingly, we determine the most appropriate strategy for your brand.


Content is just the beginning; the journey to connection is paved with strategic storytelling, strengthened by strong copywriting and enriched with captivating visuals.

As 79 Ratio Agency, we support your brand to attract attention in the digital environment with our work such as search engine optimization, keyword analysis, content marketing and content strategy. In this process, we prepare content structures suitable for brand identity and publish these contents on various platforms.

Here are some of the sample content works we have prepared for our brands working with us


In this design world, it is important to create a structure that reflects the essence of your brand in every environment, not just visually. In order to create captivating and memorable designs, a consistent and creative visual world must be created.

As 79 Ratio Agency, we help you make your brand heard with our branding, corporate identity, rebranding, campaign designs, web design and UI design.

You can review examples of the designs we have created for our clients.


First impressions in the digital space are crucial to your online presence.

Because the loading screen, which is only a second long, is where your audience’s judgment begins.

In fact, a complicated website can put off even the most enthusiastic visitors.

That’s why your digital space should be an effortless place of discovery that invites users to dig deeper.

As 79 Ratio Agency, we design a website for your brand to have a presence in the digital environment. In this process, we support you in increasing the visibility of your brand with our SEO, SEM, SMA studies.


79 As Ratio Agency, we support you on your brand’s journey.

In this process, we enable you to reflect yourself in a better way with our production services such as photography and video, which we offer in line with the brand’s request.

We enable you to attract attention in the digital world with our corporate promotions, product promotions and many other content structure services.

A few of the work we have done so far…